Tuesday 18 April 2017

Give an attractive look to your shop with Excellency Shopfitters

Shop fronts plays a very important role in giving an attractive and traditional look to you shop.Excellency Shopfitters in UK is known for installing and manufacturing best shop fronts along with doors, entrance as well as exit points. Well designed shops help to attract more and more customers towards them. We believe in the satisfaction of clients and make all efforts to fulfill their requirements.

If you want to give a traditional look to your shop then Timber Shopfronts in London is the best option you have. At Excellency Shopfitters, you will find the exclusive and wide range of shop fronts that are designed according to client’s requirements. Our well experienced designers put all their efforts to make best designs which can attract the clients at the first sight. We provide more dcesigns with various color options.

We provide high range of Timber shop fronts, according to the requirement and pocket of the client. We are known for best quality and durable designs which provide the complete solution for security and decoration to your shop.

Some major advantages of timber shop fronts are: -

Easy to maintain
Long lasting
Attract the customers towards them
Highly fire resistant

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Find Best Glass Shopfitters in UK, London

Shops change their designs from the past till now. The majority of people run their business in shops and in past they have the simple concrete wall and simple iron shutters to lock their shops. As time changes Aluminium shutters came And people are using glass shutters. Because everyone knows that "New is always better" and every new design attract more customers to them. Designing a shopfront now become a trend. Everyone wants to expose their products whether it's a furniture or clothes. Every shopkeeper wants to show the goods they sell. By the demand for the designer, shopfronts increase the work for shopfitters. Shopfitters are the one who can provide your shop an amazing look with help of their designs and colors. There are many kinds of shopfronts but you can choose the best with help of shopfitters. If you are looking for best Excellency glass shopfitters in UK London Visit our website to get a good deal.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

The most influential aspects of Shopfitting

As we all know that when it comes to designing a shop, the customer preferences are put first then the desires of the businessman. A person’s idea may matter, but the customer’s voice is louder than anything in the business world. Whether it is refurbishing or designing a new shop, a Shopfitter’s work must not be ignored. Here are some of the aspects that mustn’t be ignored in this activity:

The general outlook of the shop

Even though most people may take shop fitting to be an inside work, it also matters exactly to the outside appearance of the shop. The shop has to be pleasant and styled up to the modern mark

Space in the shop

The shop must be well spaced to allow easy movement of the customers. In the same way, the signage and the shelves must be well positioned and colored to be attractive for customers to stay in the shop as much as they need to

The light inside and outside the shop

The light should be in the right amount, whereby it shouldn’t be dim and too bright. Lights in the shop must be well distributed to bring out the beauty of the shop. This also makes the shop look elegant and pleasant

The stores and the washrooms

The store has to be part of the shop to access products in the shortest time possible and the washrooms must be positioned on a floor where they are easily accessed. Approach the best Shopfitters in London to make the right changes in your shop.

Thursday 19 May 2016

Excellency shopfronts ltd offers exclusive range of Glass Shopfronts

Glass shopfronts can provide elegant and appealing look to your shop these are the most popular one among the shop owners who seek for the wider display of their shops along with the attractive and long lasting first impression.

While keeping in mind the marketing strategies and requirements of clients we offer the exclusive range of bespoke designs of glass shopfronts in UK. While manufacturing the design British standards are kept in mind and designs are constructed with 12mm toughened glass that not only provides transparency but durability. Even due to compatible processing of toughened glass under heating and cooling it is strong and having resistance for scorching heat of sun and even from showers of rain.

We offer the quality designs with the variety of finishes like polishing of stainless steel, coating of powder and even brass along with the matching door handles. 

Our best quality designs provide wider view and even security to shop and even as per the requirements automatic rolling and swinging options can be installed along with the security locks. Our frameless glasses with the glazing feature are center of attraction for the shop keepers as these are best fit for their businesses.

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Shop Doors Fitters in London

Excellency shop fitter is one of biggest Gate manufacturing company in United Kingdom. We used the high quality material while manufacturing the Gates. We also provide various types of services such as Automatic doors, Canopies, Double Glazing, Grills, Gates, Shop fronts, Metal Stairs, PVC Window, Shutters etc. we provide a services to our clients according to a suitable instruction or demand. We also install the electric motor which they work in automatic doors open and close. We provide a good quality material of automatic gate of different shape, size, color and you also buy online at very low price more information required you see my website or call this no: 07966101711